You may find yourself on a job where people use SAS, but you would rather use Stata. If you have both SAS and Stata installed on your computer, you can simply put Dan Blanchette's usesas to work. That's all you need.

If you don't have SAS installed, make your colleagues' lives easier and give them a script that lets them send data from SAS format to csv in bulk. Below is an example. You could call it

The script starts by defining some lists of stubs for file names that follow the pattern "stub_2011mmdd.sas7bdat". You can alter these lists to suit your situation. It then loops through them and turns SAS data sets into .csv files:

%let theuser  =Gabi;
%let thepath  =C:/Users/&theuser/myproject/;
%let datain   =&thepath.sas_data/;
%let csvout   =&thepath.sas_to_csv/;
%let stubs    =dw dw_mean hm matrix pop fore;
%let days05   =05 13 20 27; /* dates in May */
%let days06   =03 09 16 22; /* dates in June */

libname  mylib "&datain";

*options mcompilenote=all; /* default is none */
*options mprint mlogic; 

/* check if a data set exists, send it out as csv */
%macro getfile(stub,month,day);
	%local thefile;
	%let thefile=&stub._2011&month.&day;
	%if %sysfunc(exist(mylib.&thefile.)) %then %do; 
		PROC EXPORT DATA=mylib.&thefile.
	%else %put Data set &thefile does not exist.; 
%mend getfile;

/* files come in every week, at dates listed 
in &&days&month. so, run the %getfile macro 
through all of those dates */
%macro getfiles(stub,month);
	%local thelist;
	%local count;
	%let thelist=&&days&month; /* going through days this month */
	%let count=0;	
	%do %while(%qscan(&thelist.,&count.+1,%str( )) ne %str());
		%let count=%eval(&count.+1);
		%let day=%scan(&thelist.,&count.);	
%mend getfiles;

/* weekly files come with names that start 
with the stubs listed in &stubs. so, run 
getmonth through all those stubs */
%macro getmonth(month);
	%local thelist;
	%local count;
	%let thelist=&stubs; /* going through file name stubs */
	%let count=0;	
	%do %while(%qscan(&thelist.,&count.+1,%str( )) ne %str());
		%let count=%eval(&count.+1);
		%let stub=%scan(&thelist.,&count.);	
%mend getmonth;

/* now call your macros */