So far, it's been great fun. It's the first MOOC I saw where the software used is Stata, and I would not be surprised if this were a first among all commercial software packages. The topics covered and quality of the instruction are excellent. I am glad to see Stata introduced to a large audience in such nice company. StataCorp made free temporary licenses available to all registered students worldwide for the duration of the course.

But enough about Stata. What really blew me away was the textbook for the biostats section. Beautifully written, it takes its time to cover properly everything you need to know about hypothesis testing if you're an applied researcher. Most texts I've seen before hurried through this part like they couldn't wait to jump into regression diagnostics and the like. Maybe it's because I've only seen econometrics texts before.

Anyway, buy it if you're looking for an introductory text for applied stats of any kind, and biostats in particular. I'm not getting a penny for this plug, by the way, so feel free to try and find it for less elsewhere. And take the course when they offer it again. At the very least, it will make you an educated consumer of public health information.