Here’s how I did it:

  1. On a new Mac running Mavericks and R 3.1.2 with devtools I installed Java for Mac.
  2. I installed the RJDBC package from CRAN (which depends on the DBI package also from CRAN) and the teradataR package from GitHub.
  3. I downloaded the Teradata JDBC driver, unpacked it, and moved tdgssconfig.jar and terajdbc4.jar to /System/Library/Java/Extensions.

After that, writing the data frame foo to the table DATABASE.BAR was as simple as:

                        tablename='BAR', df=foo)

I had to do this because DBI::dbWriteTable() now fails on Teradata as explained here.

My thanks go to Jeffrey Wong for mirroring and nurturing the no-longer-supported teradataR package, and to Skylar Lyon for finding Jeff’s repo.