It was about time, too. I'm an economist by trade and that harms my programming habits. But the more I program, the more I'm aware of that, so I guess all hope is not lost. I've been meaning to adopt some sort of version control for a long time now. I had already installed Subversion and TortoiseSVN on my Windows XP laptop (with help from here), but I wanted it on the FreeBSD box as well. I wanted a proper Subversion server for a team of programmers working from different locations, just because I thought the need might arise one of these days.

First of all, as always, I did portsnap fetch update. Next, the whereis subversion and make install clean parts were easy enough. But the install aborted with a protest that my devel/apr port didn't have db4 support, whatever that is. OK, so then I went whereis apr, found it, cd'd to it, googled around a bit, and figured that make deinstall reinstall wouldn't do any harm.  It might even bring up a dialog menu where support for Berkeley DB could be chosen. I was right on both counts. Bonus: the Berkeley DB option was checked by default.

After the APR port was duly deinstalled and reinstalled, I went back to the Subversion port: make deinstall reinstall did the same magic, and now I've got Subversion. I bought the book from Alibris a while back and next week is spring break. I'm going to figure this thing out right and proper.