I have 10 days or so before the fall semester at NC State starts, and with it an online course on assembly language. So in the meantime I thought I'd visit here and learn me some Python. I like that the lessons come with problem sets.

OK, so that's the setup for this post, which is also about SciTE. I have been using this editor on my Ubuntu machine for writing C++ code for three separate courses now, most recently one on data structures (final exam was two days ago; here's to hope). So I thought I'd use it for Python as well. It works as well as ever, especially after a visit here. Google had sent me. I was looking for a way to clear the output screen (turns out clear.before.execute=1, in the user properties file, will do it).

I'm falling hard for SciTE. And I'm doing in Python in one evening things that took me weeks in C++ to figure out, which is nice, though not entirely fair. Had I not had that experience, I'm sure I wouldn't find it so trivial. Still, I am impressed.