Gabi Huiber noodling in the data stream

MathJax in your GitHub blog

I'm patching up a few small dings and cracks that happened while moving my Wordpress blog over here.

More about FreeNAS jails

My first attempt to upload a large tarball to Glacier was a success as described here, but subsequent ones failed because the FreeNAS server is headless. I get shell access to its jails in a browser tab from one of the Mac clients. If I launch a slow upload and I close the browser or the client goes to sleep while the upload is in progress, the shell session terminates and the upload is aborted.

Backing up FreeNAS to AWS Glacier

On my FreeNAS home server I added a new jail, called it awsboss. I also added a new ZFS dataset, called it storage. I added this data set to awsboss as /mnt/storage and I also made it into an AFP share so it could be mounted by my Mac clients.